Welcome to the See-through Shader



What is the See-through Shader

The “See-through Shader” lets you see your playable characters inside any mesh without being obstructed by it. It doesn't matter if it is a building, a bridge, a cave or whatever else you can imagine. Just apply the shader to it and it works. The best thing about it: It doesn't need any additional changes to your mesh!


- Simple setup and use

- No Mesh preparation required

- No Mesh changes or deformation

- Multi character and building support

- Great performance as the shader runs on the GPU

- Clearing obstruction by angle, cone, cylinder and circle shape

- Automatic adjustable height of clearing based on player position

- Manual and automatic adjustable height of clearing

- Shadow feature

- Custom texture and colour feature of the borders of dissolve area

- Optional Animated Textured Edges effect

- Activation from start or during runtime

- Application to a Layer possible

- Frequent Updates and good support


Unity version 2019.19 or higher

Unity version 2020.19 or higher

Unity version 2021.x or higher

Rendering Pipelines:

Built-in Render Standard Pipeline

URP 2019, 2020,2021

HDRP 2019, 2020,2021